Our Services

Over fifteen years ago the company was set up to provide a finishing service primarily serving the Anti corrosion sector in the fabricating industry.

Since that time the company has evolved and expanded meaning we can now provide a full painting / finishing service, which includes all of the following facilities under one roof: Shot blasting, zinc metal spraying, two pack epoxy, two pack polyurethane, stove enamelling and powder coating.

Shot Blasting

The blasting room can accommodate structures up to 8 metres x 3 metres x 2.5

The blasting media in general use is G12 and G17 Chilled iron grit,

The media can be changed to Garnet /Ali Oxide for Stainless Steel work,

All blasting media is cleaned through a Tilman extraction plant.

Powder Coating

Normal powder coating together with Polyester powder is used dependant on the location of the finished item.

i.e. For use indoors or outdoors such as Balustrades etc.

We are able to coat large structures which cure in ovens, also small items, large batch work, which cure through a continuous chain driven tunnel oven.

Two Pack Epoxy

We apply all types of two pack epoxy material from Zinc rich to High Build working to customers requirements in regard to controlled deposits and final Dry Film Thickness.

Two Pack Polyurethane

The two pack polyurethane final coat over two pack epoxies gives a hard durable surface which resists salferous, corrosive atmospheres which are found in places such as Chemical and Oil refineries.

Stove Enamelling

Stove Enamelling is carried out in temperature controlled ovens.

Colours to BS 4800. RAL and BS381C textures, gloss levels to suit.

Colour matching is also available.

Zinc Metal Spraying

Zinc metal is 99.9 pure zinc deposited through a Metallisation Thermal Spray unit onto a prepared blasted surface with a surface profile of 65/75 microns, when together with a Polyurethane paint system, provides complete anticorrosion protection.

Zinc metal is applied through a Metallisation arc system.

All our operatives have attended Metallisation school of Thermal Spraying Technology, with certification to prove.

Aluminium metal spraying is also available if requested.

Customers are drawn from all areas of manufacturing such as:

Aluminium castings for use in instrument measuring

Lifting equipment

Office furniture and partitions

Sliding protection gates up to 8 metres in length

High pressure oil/gas valves up to two tons in weight

Pressure Vessels

Defence equipment

All steel and sheet metal fabrications

Garden tables and chairs

Some of our work